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There is still a reputation that gel nails are harmful to your nails. This is not the case as long as you take good care of them and have them removed properly.

The benefits of having gel nails:
Long lasting – they will last from 2-3 weeks with the correct care without chipping or lifting
Instantly dry – gel nails are cured under a LED lamp, this means that you leave the salon without fear of smudging.
Nail art – using gel means there are more possibilities for nail art as the polish won’t dry until it is cured.
Glitter – gel also allows for the use of glitter. The glitter used is not biodegradable but is disposed of properly with very minimal waste.
Strengthen nails – the gel will provide extra strength to your nails, meaning there is no chance of splits and breakages.
Odour free – unlike the use of acrylic there is no odour in gel polish making for a more pleasant experience.
Natural look and feel – having gel polish on your nails will look natural, they will also feel natural, and not like there is anything on them.

Here at Complete Toning and Beauty we use LED lamps instead of UV lamps, these are better for your nails, and here is a list of the benefits of them:
It cures the polish faster than a UV lamp does – it takes 30 seconds instead of 2 minutes.
It doesn’t produce heat and this makes it more comfortable.
It is energy efficient as it is not needing as long to cure the nails as well as not producing heat. This also makes it good for the environment.

It is important that your gel polish is removed professionally. If you don’t have it removed properly then it will cause damage to your nails such as damaged nail beds, brittle nails that flake and peel. Once this damage has incurred then it will take a long time for your nails to recover. This occurs from picking and home removal.

Gel Nails

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