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What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the manipulation of the reflex points on the feet which correspond with different areas of the body.


The benefits

Although they are not guaranteed, there are many benefits of having reflexology, including:

  • increased immunity
  • improved energy
  • eased stress and anxiety
  • pain relief
  • relieve tension
  • improves blood circulation
  • reduced blood pressure
  • congestion relief
  • fights depression
  • better sleep
  • elimination of toxins
  • can reveal health factors


Health ailments

There are a number of health ailments that reflexology has been known to help, which include:

  • back pain and muscle train
  • sports injuries
  • stress
  • anxiety and depression
  • sleep and eating disorders
  • poor circulation
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • migraine
  • pre-menstrual tension
  • symptoms of the menopause
  • breathing difficulties, e.g. asthma

On Tuesday 15th May we will be offering reflexology for ½ price – £12.50 for 45 minutes. Call us on 01376 567895, message us on Facebook or speak to us at reception to book. 


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