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Toning Chairs:

Our 6 Toning chairs are all power assisted – they will work on strengthening all the major muscle groups as passively or as actively as you wish. The chairs retrain muscle patterns without over stretching, enabling all fitness abilities to be able to exercise.

No gym clothes required, a 30 minute workout can be done in your lunch hour or in any part of your day as you don't excessively sweat. For someone returning to exercise after a break or illness, our chairs are perfect! They are proven to help improve circulation and mobility, as well as strokes, MS, back pain, cancer surgery and many more. Please call for more details.

Toning membership prices...

Flexi :-  3 months unlimited use. 25 % off a manicure, pedicure or facial on renewal. One off payment of £120

Pay monthly:- £37 per month by standing order.  one off £45 assessment fee

Pay as you go:- £12 per month by standing order and £5 per session. One off £45 assessment fee