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Cleanse, deep cleanse, tone, exfoliate, face mask, decollatage, shoulder/neck/face massage, hand/arm massage, eye treatment, moisturise, facial mist to finish.



Shape, soak, cuticle treatment, exfoliate, foot/leg massage or heated bootees, moisturise and polish



Shape, soak, cuticle treatment, exfoliate, hand/arm massage or heated mitts, moisturise and polish


All the above are done using Kaeso Products

Book any 3 treatments from above for £55.00

15 Minute “Express” Treatments

Express Facial

Hand & Arm Massage 

Intensive Hand Moisturising Mask & Heated Mitts

Intensive Foot Moisturising Mask & Heated Booties

Deep cleanse, tone & moisturising Facial

Shape & Paint Fingers

Shape & Paint Toes

All the above treatments £5 each

Book 3 treatments for 10% discount

Book 4 treatments for 20% discount


Revolutionary new waxing system by Sienna X, Less painful, less redness, super smooth skin after waxing!

½ Leg £14.00

¾ Leg £18.00

Full Leg £22.00

Underarm £8.00

Bikini Line £9.00

Upper Lip £6.00

Chin £6.00

½ Arm £10.00

Full Arm £16.00

Spray Tan

Sienna X Half body £15.00

Sienna X Full body £20.00

Body contouring from £5 extra, can enhance bone structure, size of cleavage etc

Shades Menu

6% Touch of the sun – gentle sun kissed look ideal for brides

8% Latte - a warm and smooth colour perfect for the tanning novice

8.5% Caramel late – Be catwalk ready with a golden glow, you will look like the sun worships you.

10% Cappucino – A rich indulgent tone that will accentuate your assets!

12% Mocha – Keep that holiday memory alive with this deep and glorious tone.

Tonight's the Night – express tanning, fully developed in 3 hours.

Limited Edition – High Intensity Tanning – express tanning, wash off after only  hour!

Please note a patch test is required 48 hours before any spray tan is carried out.


Reflexology First Consultation £35.00

Each Subsequent 1 Hour Session £25.00

Consultation form to be completed before treatment.

Eye Treatments

Eyelash tint £9.50

Eyebrow tint £8.00

Eyelash & eyebrow tint £15.00

Eyelash lift £20.00

Eyelash lift & tint £25.00

Eyelash lift & tint & brow tint £30.00

Strip lashes (last one night only) £10.00

Cluster lashes (last up to a week) £15.00

Individual lashes (can last up to  3 months - will require maintenance) £35.00

Individual  lash infills (every 2-3 weeks) £20.00

Extension removal from £7.00

*Lifting and tinting can be done at the same time as extensions



Back, neck and shoulder massage £20 30 mins

Plus Indian head massage £30 50 mins

Full body massage £30 60 mins

Plus Indian head massage £40 90 mins

Indian head massage £20 30 mins